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Hosiery terms:

CONTROL TOP: Pantyhose with spandex knit in the top for comfortable, all over control.

LYCRA SPANDEX: Lycra is a registered trademark of Dupont, for their spandex fiber. Lycra is the most recognized name in spandex, used in sheer hosiery, socks and knee-highs. Its stretch and recovery properties provide superior fit and shape retention, comfort and/or support.

MICROFIBER: Nylon microfibers are approximately 60 times finer than a human hair. Legwear made with microfiber is extremely soft and has a luxurious feeling.

NYLON Introduced by DuPont in 1939, it quickly replaced silk, cotton and rayon. Nylon is used alone or blended with spandex to create hosiery.

OPAQUE: Pantyhose made of yarn which produces a heavier appearance. Opaque’s are long wearing and great in cold weather.

PANA-FIT: An exclusive design by Berkshire used in their Queen Size styles. Comprised of a fuller fit stretch panel panty for more freedom to bend and move. 2 way stretch cotton crotch, proportionate sizing from ankle to thigh for a proper fit in the leg, and flexible no bind waistband.

REINFORCED TOE: A small reinforced section of the toe for added durability

SHAPER TOP: Hosiery providing more control in the panty and thigh portion than control tops.

SANDALFOOT: Hosiery that is as sheer in the toes as in the leg

DENIER: The literal definition is; A unit of weight indicating the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns, both silk and synthetic, and equal to a yarn weighing one gram per each 9000 meters: used esp. in indicating the fineness of women's hosiery.

We refer to it as: Denier, describes the thickness and support of hosiery. If you were to imagine a scale 5 – 120, 5 would be thinnest and 120 would be the thickest.

There are two scales of denier, one is the sheer scale and the other would be an opaque scale. We carry items in the sheer category that would range from a 5 denier sheer up to an 80 denier support. Support on the leg starts from around 20 denier. In the opaque’s, the scale would start from around a 25 denier opaque which we would refer to as a light opaque and go up to 80 in microfiber and 120 in the heavy cotton sweater tights.






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